Chris Needs Show

Weeknights 10pm, BBC Radio Wales

Chris Needs MBE 1954-2020


Terrier Productions had the great and unique privilege to produce one of the most popular and best loved programmes on BBC Radio Wales from 2012 until Chris's sudden death in 2020. The Chris Needs Friendly Garden welcomed listeners from all over the world in a cocoon of love, mutual support and friendliness. It was very simple. And that simplicity was the brainchild of one man - Chris Needs MBE. He created something truly special when he imagined the Friendly Garden. It was something that gave comfort and strength to many, many people from all backgrounds - especially over these difficult last few months. His ability to connect with people extended, not just to his audience, but to those of us who worked with him over the years: from producers (or those in the swivel chair, as he called us) to an army of phone answerers (manning the barricades) led by his devoted husband Gabe.  I know we are all so proud to have been part of the magic.  Diolch Chris for your wonderful gift and for all your friendship.